Metro Line 9 to Restrict Passenger Inflow, Skip Sheshan, Sijing Stations during Weekday Morning Rush Hours
2015-11-24 09:27:28 Source:Website Editor

(Report by Xu Huili and picture by Ji Zhoujie) Morning rush-hour trains on weekdays from South Songjiang Station to Middle Yanggao Rd. Station are often full-packed due to the growing number of passengers along Metro Line 9 stations. To ensure safe running of Line 9 and ease the passenger influx on Jiuting Station, the Metro authority is to restrict passenger number on Sheshan and Sijing stations during weekday rush hours starting Nov. 16.  In addition, some trains from South Songjiang Station to Middle Yanggao Rd. Station will skip Sheshan and Sijing stations for the smooth transport of passengers and the safe running of the whole line.

Passenger Influx Leaves Metro Line 9 at High Full-load Rate

With completion of residences and commercial developments along Metro Line 9 (especially in Songjiang), Line 9 is having an increasing number of passengers, with an average daily passenger flow reaching 750,000 person-times this year, or about 8.5% higher year on year. Among those with the largest passenger flows are Sijing, Zhongchun Rd., Sheshan and Jiuting Stations.

Despite the full operation of in-service and reserve trains, Metro Line 9 still finds it a hard job to cope with the passenger influx during weekday morning peak hours. On weekdays, the full-load rates of rush-hour Line 9 trains from South Songjiang Station to Middle Yanggao Rd. Station have reached 45% at Songjiang University Town Station, and nearly 90% at Jiuting Station. According to passenger flow data, passengers get stuck mostly at Songjiang University Town, Sheshan, Sijing and Jiuting Stations for the trains bound for Middle Yanggao Rd. Station during weekday morning rush hours. This is especially the case with Jiuting Station, where waiting crowds swell due to large passenger influx, high full-load rates of passing trains and impotent condition for passenger number limit in and out of the station.

Sheshan, Sijing to Take New Measures

To ease the flooding influx of passengers, Jiuting Station has taken regular measures of passenger flow limit, placed more volunteer guiders at the station and rationalized relevant guiding signs. Nevertheless, waiting passengers swell at the station.

To ease the passenger flows on Jiuting Station, the metro operator has decided to limit passenger numbers at Sheshan and Sijing Stations between 7:30 and 8:30 on weekday mornings starting Nov. 16, and part of the trains leaving South Songjiang Station will skip Sheshan and Sijing Stations to ensure the transport of passengers at following stations. Based on the experience of regular passenger number limit at Xinzhuang and Yangsi stations, decision has taken into account the passenger flow data, train running situation and the station facilities on Line 9. The plan goes into details as follows:

Between 7:30 and 8:30 on weekday mornings, S-shaped railings will be used at Sheshan and Sijing Stations to help passengers queue up, and some ticket turnstiles at the entry will be closed to slow down the incoming passengers. Besides, some trains from South Songjiang Station to Middle Yanggao Rd. Station will skip Sheshan and Sijing Stations, that is to say, neither stopping to pick up nor dropping off passengers. After the station-skipping train passes, an empty train heading for Middle Yanggao Rd. Station will stop at Sheshan Station to pick up passengers. In other words, passengers at Sheshan and Sijing Stations are supposed to wait for upcoming trains if they find one skipping their stations.

Besides, with Phase-3 Project in full swing and the purchase of new trains for Line 9 right under way, the first new train is expected to arrive in late 2016 for a higher transport capacity of the line.

Gentle reminders:

1. Passengers are advised to arrive at the station before 7:30 or after 8:30 on weekday mornings to avoid regular passenger number limit and long queues.

2. Passengers are requested form a line while waiting for entry during the hours of passenger number limit in the morning. Please follow the direction of station personnel, the police, the security staff and volunteers to ensure security of your own and of others.

3. If a train that skips Sheshan and Sijing Stations, passengers are requested to wait with patience for following empty trains heading for Mid Yanggao Rd. that will pick you up at Sheshan Station.

4. Pregnant women and other passengers with special needs may turn to station staffs or call our service hotline 021-64370000 for help.

Shanghai Metro Operation Management Center

Nov. 16, 2015


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