Metro Mini-Feedback

Q: Under what circumstances can passengers pull the emergency brake?

A: Passengers can pull the emergency brake only under extreme circumstances whereby an emergency threatens the life and safety of passengers. In so doing, please strive to follow the “platform proximity principle”, which requires that the emergency brake be used within the platform region, as delayed disposal and interrupted operation may occur if the emergency brake is pulled when the metro is running in the tunnel or elsewhere. Please kindly remember not to pull the emergency brake without any permission.

The barrier-free passageway is a green corridor calling for tidiness and unobstructed access. It’s our imminent and shared task to put an end to disorderly parking and keep a smooth access. Let’s make a joint effort for a better Shanghai.

Some passengers put their bags next to them on metro chairs when taking the metro, which is quite disturbing to other passengers as the bags would take up the chairs’ space. Besides, it is prone to theft when such passengers leave the bags when they hasten to get off the metro. We’d like to remind you to hold your bag(s) in your hand or in your arms for the safekeeping of your own property and convenience of other passengers.

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