Why do we find a gap between the fringe of platform and the train?

A traveling train will sway horizontally (from the left to right). To ensure the safety of passengers, a gap should be left between the fringe of platform and the train. To minimize the gap and reduce the risk of safety, a rubber strip will be installed on the internal side of platform to prevent passengers from missing their steps. The safety distance between the platform and the train has reached and even exceeded national standards. Currently, rubber strips have been installed in all metro stations in Shanghai, and these rubber strips confirm to national standards, and could prevent risks to the maximum extent. However, despite that we have made the above measures, we could not completely eliminate the gaps between the platform and the train, particularly on platforms with curve shape. For this reason, apart from installing rubber strips on platforms, we have strengthened the efforts of reminding passengers of the existence of the gap. For example, we put up warning signs, saying “Mind the Gap” on the ground surface of platforms, the doors of metro trains, the platform screen doors, and emergency exits. We also play safety videos in metro trains and on the screens above platforms, and remind passengers to pay attention to the gaps via our website, Weibo, WeChat, and APP.

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