Can Shanghai Metro extend the time for operation?

Metro is an important part of the urban public transport system. It is a “high capacity” means of transportation that undertakes the normal traveling of commuter flow while giving consideration to other commuter features. When metro trains stop operation at night, our maintenance staffs will take 3 ~ 4 hours to give field inspections and maintenances on major devices and systems. Due to limited technical power, staffs have to carry out most maintenance work on rails and in tunnels. Therefore, the trains can not operate during the period of maintenance. Secondly, due to various restrictions on metro lines, such as the remote location of metro lines and parking lots, no extra lines are available for trains to avoid the maintenance points by making a detour when they go back to the garage. For this reason, according to our existing conditions of operation, we can not satisfy the passengers’ needs for extending the time for operation, even overnight operation, while giving maintenance work at night.

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