Why there are “part routes” and “full routes” in some metro lines?

The feature of passenger flow in urban rail traffic lines could be described as “large passenger flow in the middle section and small passenger flow at both terminals”, with a shape of spindle. The transportation capacity of metro lines should be arranged according to the passenger flow on the largest section, so as to make the transportation capacity larger than the passenger flow on the largest section and satisfy the needs of passenger flow. Under such circumstance, the transportation capacity at both terminals of metro lines will larger than the passenger flow on the section. There will be only a few passengers in the train, causing a waste of transportation capacity. To save energy consumption and reduce the number of trains, we will set part routes at the 1/2 or 1/3 on the section of largest passenger flow, so as to reasonably allocate the transportation capacity and passenger flow. When we design metro lines, we have considered the possibility of setting part routes and full routes on these metro lines, and designed relevant fold-back stations, and operated according to the actual passenger flow in stations.

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