Instructions of Train Delay Notification
1. It will release the train delay notification of any metro line in Shanghai.
2. For any train delaying over 15 minutes, the delaying information will be recorded every 5 minutes, which will be released when the delaying time exceeds 60 minutes.
3. The notification will be released in accordance with the lines and the three time periods of “operation starting – 10:00”, “10:00 – 17:00”, and “17:00 – operation ending”.
4. The delay notification for the period “operation starting – 10:00” will be released at 10:30; that for the period “10:00 – 17:00” will be released at 17:30; and that for the period “17:00 – operation ending” will be released after the ending of the operation. Meanwhile, the delay notification will be updated in line with the changes of operation.
5. We will record down the historical records of the delay notifications of the train operation over the past 30 days for your reference.
1. This notification only presents the delay information of the corresponding line of Shanghai Metro and cannot be regarded as an evidence by the passenger to ask for compensation for his/her loss caused by the train delay.
2. This notification only shows the delay time of corresponding line and specified period, and it cannot be used as an evidence of passenger’s taking the train.
Please look up for the delaying information after clicking the “refresh” key of the browser.
This delay notification shall not be reproduced, copied, or published on other websites and media after changing the format without permission

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