The midsummer has passed and how to embrace the autumn in the best way in Shanghai? The teahouses among streets and lanes are undoubtedly the best place to go. Why not take Metro to enjoy some tea with your friends on such a nice day!

Yinxi Teahouse
Here live the fairies making excellent tea

Address: No. 17 Yuqing Road, Xuhui District (near Middle Huaihai Road)

A modern teahouse is situated in the serene Yuqing Road – Yinxi Teahouse, which has many visitors, and even those loving coffee would come specially to catch a glimpse of it.

Metro: Jiaotong University of Line 10 & 11

Drinking in the most fashionable teahouse in Shanghai

Address: 104, 1/F, No. 119, Madang Road

ICHA from Taiwan features “Orient Tea, New Experience”. ICHA, a modern tea space favored by young people, is the result of traditional Chinese tea and modern western arts. It offers superior tea species like Hongyu 18 and Orient Beauty together with creative Belgium muffin and its unique tea jelly in the day, and you can have some dessert together with tea amidst breeze. At night, the tea specialist would turn into a bartender and you would feel slightly drunk before drinking in the collision of tea with alcohol.

Metro: South Huangpi Road of Line 1

Go-for-Tea Teahouse
Tea and kitten hidden among bustling city

Address: No. 45, Lane 1280, Yuyuan Road (near Anxi Road)

Go-for-Tea is an exquisite Chinese teahouse hidden in a lane. Seeing a round arch, you are at the right place and can go in after ring the bell. Going inside, you would find a little yard immersed in melodious ancient music, where you can’t help speaking more and more quietly.

Metro: Zhongshan Park of Line 2, 3 & 4

Cicada Teahouse
Tea most fragrant in Cicada

Address: No. 1, Lane 689, Yongjia Road (near Hengshan Road)

Cicada Teahouse is in an independent old French house among sycamore trees and, just like its name, it is full of serene summer atmosphere. You would easily miss it as its façade is not very eye-catching, but you would find an altogether different world once entering into it. There are open balconies and gardens on the 1st and 2nd floors and the sofas and chairs are mostly in pain color. It has the temperament of a gallery and also the closeness that makes you feel like being in your grandma’s home, and the rainy days would increase the sentiment all the more.

Metro: Hengshan Road of Line 1

Song Fang Teahouse
A French lady’s reminiscent Chinese tea

Address: A, No. 227, Yongjia Road (near South Shaanxi Road)

Song Fang Teahouse in Yongjia Road is in an old house whose decoration has combined the simple European style and the reminiscent simple style of the New China. This teahouse is full of Chinese features as its owner Song Fang, a foreign lady, loves traditional Chinese culture very much. All the tea sets are printed with a unique blue logo and the teahouse offers over 60 varieties of tea, among which 40 are top Chinese tea and 20 French Ceylan tea with a history of 150 years.

Metro: South Shaanxi Road of Line 1, 10 & 12

Qicha Teahouse
Wilful teahouse where tea is offered at RMB 1

Address: 34/F, Ruifeng Apartment Hotel, No. 1066, West Yan’an Road

Qicha Teahouse, on the 34th floor of Ruifeng Apartment Hotel, is exquisitely decorated and has a huge terrace like a hanging garden, making it the only teahouse with roof terrace in Shanghai. It charges RMB 1 for one person with one pot of tea for very one minute (RMB99 at most), which is a very novel way of charging by time.

Metro: Jiangsu Road of Line 1 & 11

Yanyu Jiangnan Teahouse
Enjoying a serene mind with tea while sitting in front of a window -- raining outside

Address: Inside Quyang Park, No. 980 Dongtiyuhui Road, Hongkou District

Yanyu Jiangnan Teahouse is at the side of the pond in Quyang Park. Just as its name shows, the teahouse is full of the flavor of regions south of the Yangtze River, with green trees and flowing water outside the window. And you would enjoy a serene mind with tea while sitting in front of a window -- raining outside. The chaise longue and opium beds are very unique, which, together with bird cage, woodcarving doors and windows and red bead curtain, make visitors enjoy themselves while drinking the tea.

Metro: Dabaishu of Line 3

Zen’s Side
Zen Teahouse by Jackie Chan

Address: Building No. 2, Jackie Chan Film Gallery, No. 88 East Yunling Road, Putuo District

As the 1st zen tea and alcohol club included in intangible cultural heritage, Zen’s Side is an important part of Jackie Chan Film Gallery which is built under the supervision of Jackie Chan himself. The teahouse has integrated the spirit of zen with tea culture and is a good place to enjoy tea in Shanghai. It is transformed from an old plant with bright entrance and has 3 layers, each with a special theme and some private rooms.

Metro: Daduhe Road of Line 13

Qiaobing Shanfang
Melodious melody of Chinese zither in a downtown area

Address: No. 33-1, Shaoxing Road (near South Shaanxi Road)

Above the door of the teahouse on Shaoxing Road were a plaque with four Chinese words “Qiao Bing Shan Fang”, 2 lanterns hanging on each side. It is of antique flavor and also presents a sense of mystery. Inside, there are tea sets and flowers and plants, as well as painting and calligraphy works on the wall, making the whole place immersed in an elegant flavor. Besides, there are two candelabrums of the style of Ming and Qing dynasties with two Chinese characters “Zither” and “Tea” on them respectively, as well as a Chinese zither.

Metro: South Shaanxi Road of Line 1, 10 & 12

Dehe Teahouse
Slow life with leisure time to enjoy tea

Address: 2/F, Luwan Stadium, No. 135, West Jianguo Road

Its antique style makes you feel like transcending the time back and its elegant atmosphere allows visitors to appreciate the delicacy and elegance of Chinese culture. Having some tea while chatting or playing cards with your friends or seeing a movie via PAD, that’s the pleasure of “slowness” in a busy life.

Metro: Jiashan Road of Line 9 & 12

Daketang Pu’er Teahouse
Making a pot of Pu’er and welcoming friends from afar

Address: No. 25, Lane 388, South Xiangyang Road (near West Jianguo Road)

Following the tea fragrance at your nose, you would easily find Daketang with the decoration of Chinese style and the colors of Old Shanghai. From the floors and spiral stairs to the doors, windows, tables, chairs and painting and calligraphy, all these are made of rosewood but present the style of European architecture. It has also made great efforts on the menu which introduces the knowledge and stories related to Pu’er. Sitting in such an environment, you would feel satisfied just with a pot of Pu’er and some desserts.

Metro: Jiashan Road of Line 9 & 12

Yutai Orient Teahouse
Classical Beijing teahouse in Shanghai

Address: 1LM9 Store, the River Mall, No. 1368, Shibo Avenue

You can drink the tea while enjoying the scenery of the River Mall and have some refreshing tea ice cream and desserts. Besides, it also provides the customized private tea series, tea culture, tea garden scenes and other novel concepts there, making it a perfect combination of fashion and tradition. A cup of tea and a touch of beautiful scenery, that’s the prospect of afternoon tea unique to the Orient.

Metro: China Art Museum of Line 8

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