Moon cake is a kind of prestigious traditional snack of the Han nationality and also a traditional festival delicacy favored by the Chinese people. As moon cake is round and usually shared by the whole family, it is a symbol of peace and reunion and the food inevitable on the Mid-autumn Festival.

Moon cakes stuffed with salted egg yolk, meat and sometimes five kernels have lost their market.

Pickled bullfrog, cheese prawn, abalone meat…
Such “bizarre” stuffing has taken over the “territory” of moon cakes in half a year from the Pure Bright Festival to the Mid-autumn Festival.
Let’s take a look at these “bizarre” moon cakes along Metro lines.

Shanghai First Foodmall
Pickled Bullfrog Moon Cake, Abalone Meat Moon Cake, Baked Meat Moon Cake

The leading product of the bizarre moon cakes of this year is the pickled bullfrog moon cake. Breaking off the moon cake, and you will see a large piece of bullfrog meat. There is a complete boned bullfrog leg in every moon cake and you don’t need to worry about the queer scene of “spitting out bones while eating a moon cake”.

Metro: People’s Square of Line 1, 2 & 8

Sunya Restaurant
Yanduxian Moon Cake, Cheese Prawn Moon Cake

Breaking it off, you will see it stuffed with meat and a complete prawn in mozzarella cheese. The prawn is chewy and tasty and there is a hint of the milk aroma from the cheese. It’s unexpectedly delicious.

Metro: People’s Square of Line 1, 2 & 8

Park Hotel
Matsutake Moon Cake

Matsutake has a special scent and mysterious flavor, which is very charming. The crisp moon cake stuffed with matsutake and meat tastes savory and mellow and is irresistible.

Metro: People’s Square of Line 1, 2 & 8

Jing’an Bakery
Cheese Cray Moon Cake

Rich cheese, hand-stripped crays and puff pastry, all these constitute a cheese cray moon cake. You will see wires of cheese when breaking it off and the juicy stuffing tastes like steamed buns.

Metro: Jing’an Temple of Line 2 & 7

Central Hotel Shanghai
Crab Meat Moon Cake

The stuffing of crab prawn moon cake is made of crab meat and deep-sea prawn with no pork. Each moon cake contains a complete prawn. The fresh prawn and the newly-opened crab meat are mixed together, presenting full-bodied soup, and you would enjoy the soup at every bite.

Metro: East Nanjing Road of Line 2 & 10

Modu Sushu
Wagyu Beef Moon Cake, Durian Moon Cake

Modu Sushu is the top leader of dark cooking moon cakes of this year. Laoganma Sauce, durian, wagyu beef… there are various bizarre stuffing which taste very delicious. The black wagyu looks very dirty but the wagyu beef loafs mixed with curry are very appetizing after being baked.

Metro: West Yan’an Road of Line 3 & 4

Yanting Cubilose Afternoon Tea
Cubilose Moon Cake

Its cubilose moon cakes are good-looking and very popular. There are 8 flavors to choose. Breaking it off, you will see shreds of cubilose clearly. As it advocates low sugar, the moon cakes would not taste overly sweet.

Metro: East Nanjing Road of Line 2 & 10

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