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This Sunday is Father’s Day – a festival to expressing gratitude to father’s hardworking. Actually, we can show our gratitude to our father every day, not necessarily only on Father’s Day. Respecting, understanding and knowing our father, these are what we can do for our father in the daily life.
The day after Father’s Day is the Dragon-boat Festival of this year, during which rowing a dragon boat, hanging wormwood leaves, eating zongzi and other traditional activities will make you immersed in a strong festival atmosphere. Among all these activities, “eating zongzi” is undoubtedly the most long-standing and most popular one. It’s a pity if you don’t know how to make zongzi. But it doesn’t matter. Today, it is hereby to sort out the classical hand-made zongzi brands in Shanghai, where you can enjoy the most delicious ones. If you have not thought about what to give your father as a gift, why not take your father to taste the hand-made zongzi?


Jing’an Bakery
Roasted Zongzi with Cray Stuffing
Roasted zongzi that was very popular across Shanghai last year has come back – Roasted Zongzi of 2.0 Version!
And it has two new flavors this year.
Roasted Zongzi with Cheese and Sesame Stuffing
Sweet zongzi is generally stuffed with sweetened bean paste and red beans.
However, Jing’an Bakery has played new tricks by choosing sesame and cheese.
This black and swarthy zongzi is of strong milk flavor.
You pretties will undoubtedly pick it.
Address: 370 Huashan Road (as well as other branches)
Metro: Jing’an Temple of Line 2 & 7



Zongzi with Rose and Sweetened Bean Paste Stuffing

Xinghualou is a time-honored brand of zongzi.

Its classic zongzi stuffed with rose and sweetened bean paste has been sold for nearly 100 years and are still very popular.

It is soft and waxy and recommended for those loving sweet zongzi.

Zongzi with Braised Pork Stuffing and Preserved Vegetables

This is another specialty of Xinghualou, with the perfect combination of pork and preserved vegetables.

And the big chunk of pork will make you feel satisfied at every bite.

Address: Building No. 2, 343 Fuzhou Road (as well as other branches)

Metro: East Nanjing Road of Line 2 & 10




Zongzi with Meat Stuffing

This is the top-one of Wufangzhai.

The hindquarter is well selected for the stuffing and then soused by traditional recipe.

This time-tested meat zongzi is undoubtedly delicious.

Soft Zongzi with Candied Date Stuffing

Wufangzhai’s salty zongzi is great and its sweet zongzi is also very delicious. Its candied date zongzi is highly recommended. Stuffed with 2 big dates, it is more than a little bit sweet.

Address: 299 Jiujiang Road (as well as other branches)

Metro: Jing’an Temple of Line 2 & 7



Wangjiasha Pastry

Zongzi with Red Beans Stuffing

Its business is booming no matter how many branches Wangjiasha has opened.

Red beans zongzi is the specialty favored by regulars.

The sticky rice with red beans tastes marvelous.

For those loving sweets, it would taste even better if dipped with white sugar.

Zongzi with Yolk and Meat Stuffing

To check the quality of a zongzi store, you can just taste its yolk and meat zongzi.

And its zongzi with salted yolk and meat have won a large number of salted yolk lovers.

Top salted yolk has been chosen for its stuffing.

And you will enjoy it at every bite.

Address: 805 West Nanjing Road (near Shimen No. 1 Road)

Metro: West Nanjing Road of Line 2, 12 & 13


Shanghai Kouwei Zongzi King


Zongzi with Larded Rice

The one that dare name itself the “king” must be very good at making zongzi.

This online celebrity at Middle Fuxing Road is very popular and always of supply shortage.

There are people coming here every day as attracted by its fame.

And its best flavor is “larded rice zongzi” that might have been forgotten.

It tastes like rice pudding, sweet and waxy but not greasy.

Address: 488 Middle Fuding Road

Metro: Xintiandi of Line 10 & 13


Zhenzhenlaolao Jiaxing Zongzi


XL Zongzi with Yolk and Meat Stuffing

It is extra large zongzi stuffed with the perfectly combined huge yolk and tasty sticky rice.

Just take one XL yolk and meat zongzi with no deficiency at all.

Address: 235 Jumen Road

Metro: Madang Road of Line 9 & 10


Yongmaochang Zongzi Store


Zongzi with Yolk and Meat Stuffing

It is a legendary zongzi store in the ancient town of Zhaojialou.

Many foodies have specially come to the ancient town for a bite of fresh yolk and meat zongzi.

Zongzi here is made at site.

Every zongzi is sufficiently stuffed with a large salted yolk with two big chunks of pork.

Address: 20 Pingxi Street, Zhaojialou Ancient Town, Shendu Highway

Metro: Shendu Highway of Line 8 and Pujiang Line



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