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Shanghai Metro Official Website Statement
2013-12-19 21:47:09 Source:Website Editor

1. Mail Subscription Statement

Shanghai Metro has paid great respect to the privacy of passengers. The personal data we collect are only for operational information service. If you want to know Shanghai Metro's recent operations, please subscribe to our email subscription service. We will provide you with e-mail, e.g.: major operational information, service tips, safety reminders and other relevant information about cultural activities. You only are required to provide your valid e-mail address; you can receive e-mail from us. Alternatively, you can always unsubscribe from our email subscription service. We will not disclose your personal data in any way, for the user information collected is only used to help us improve our website services.

2. Shanghai Metro Official Website Statement

(1) Copyright Description

All images and texts on the Shanghai Metro official website are protected by law. Without permission, no person shall use graphics and icons on this page, or reprint, copy or change the format of the information on this page to publicly post on other websites and various media. Shanghai Metro will take all necessary measures to protect the copyright of the page and reserves the right for legal actions.

(2) Users’ Personal Data Collection Description

When you visit the Shanghai Metro official website, we will not in any way collect your personal data without your permission unless you provide us on your own accord.

All information we collect on the official website is to provide you with all the information service you need. The collected information will not be sold or provided to any institution or company without the approval by the Metro.

(3) Description on Website and Links to Other Addresses

For the convenience of the user's query and use, Shanghai Metro official website also provides other related metro companies’ websites home and abroad.

Note that the link to external website that we provide you is for the sake of convenience only, Shanghai Metro does not assume any obligation or liability to other website links.

3. Download Description

Shanghai Metro official website can not ensure complete or constant accuracy and effectiveness in all kinds of downloaded information provided for the passengers, for part of the information varies according to the actual situation. Thus, the downloaded information on this page is for reference only. The actual information shall be based on the on-site situation. And this site does not assume any legal liability that may arise thereby.

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