Qufu Rd. Station of Metro Line 12 Opens on May 10
2014-05-23 12:25:48 Source:Website Editor

Realizing Transfer between Line 8 and Line 12 and Initiating “Metro Directions”

“Digital Collections” Exhibited at International Cruise Terminal Station


By Correspondent Xu Huili and charted by Zuo Rongliang

After intense construction and operation debugging, Qufu Rd. Station of Metro Line 12 is to formerly open on May 10 (Saturday) 2014, realizing the transfer to Line 8. Meanwhile, the terminal station of Line 12 will be changed into Qufu Rd. and the time for the first and last train of each station and the operation interval of Line 12 will remain the same as before.

Improving Transfer Scheme between Line 8 and 12 with former running and interval unchanged

Qufu Rd. Station of Line 12 locates at the crossing of Qufu Road and North Xizang Road in Zhabei District and presents the “Cross” shape with Qufu Rd. Station of Line 8. The Station has three floors underground, with the first floor as the station hall, the second for equipment, and the third as the platform. Five entrances and exits are available at the Station equipped with toilets and barrier-free facilities.

Block Map of Qufu Rd. Station

Station Floor Map of Qufu Rd. Station

After the opening of Qufu Rd. Station of Line 12, the running and interval of the train will remain the same as before. The first train to Jinhai Rd. is at 5:57 and the last to Jinhai Rd. is at 22:17.

Timetable of Line 12

Transfer between Line 8 and Line 12 can be made at Qufu Rd. Station, which will attract large numbers of passengers to transfer there. However, due to the different train types and the discrepancy in traffic capacity between these two lines, congestion caused by transfer is predicted to occur at peak hours. In order to ensure passengers’ security and the orderly transfer, the operation side will implement single-direction transfer: guiding passengers transferring from Line 8 to Line 12 to take the stairs and guiding the passengers transferring opposite to take the escalators at the two ends of the platform and then pass through the station hall to reach the platform of Line 8, thus avoiding the clash of the passengers of both directions. Shanghai Metro especially reminds passengers who are first to transfer at Qufu Rd. to follow the guidance of directions inside the station and of relevant staff, so as to get familiar with the path for the transfer. Besides, as Qufu Rd. Station is close to the downtown area, the Station might take further traffic-limiting measures to ensure passengers’ safety in case of extremely large amount of passenger flow. It hopes that passengers can understand its arrangement.

Single-way Transfer Map between Line 8 and 12
Initiating “Traffic Guide” and Getting Directions by Scanning the “Two-dimensional Code”

With the operation of Qufu Rd. of Line 12 launched, Shanghai Metro will open its innovative pilot project, “Traffic Guide”, to benefit the people with technologies. From now on, passengers can get directions on their mobile phones by simply scanning the two-dimensional code at Qufu Rd. Station of Line 12. “Traffic Guide” is an innovative public information service platform initially launched by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group in response to the call of the Shanghai Municipal Government to build a smart city. It aims at integrating the public service information of the metro stations and their surroundings and providing passengers with efficient and convenient service information through the Internet and mobile phones.

By scanning the two-dimensional code distributed inside the Station, passengers can not only get the service facilities inside the Station, but also enquire about how to get to the nearby destinations. The smart system is able to send route information to passengers’ mobile phones step by step, thus providing real-time guide. It can help to solve passengers’ difficulties in the “final 500m” trip and at the same time, relieve the staff’s workload, thus optimizing the efficiency of the public service of Shanghai Metro.

Image Display of “Finance, Tax, and Culture” Museum Collections at International Cruise Terminal Station

The opening of Qufu Rd. Station on May 10 will also add another unique culture “landscape” to Shanghai Metro. The “City Museum” Digital I-View Program of Hongkou District will launch the “Finance, Tax and Culture” Invitation Exhibition of China Finance and Taxation Museum’s Collections at the International Cruise Terminal Station of Line 12 on May 10. At that time, 12 sets of “I-View” equipments, coupled with 3d imaging technique, will vividly reproduce the cultural relics at the Museum, thus enabling passengers to appreciate the charm of exquisite collections.


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