Average 60 Cases of Fare Evasion Found Everyday in Shanghai Metro, Credit Records of Over 150 People Affected
2014-05-23 12:12:56 Source:Website Editor

From January to April this year, Shanghai Metro has found 7,260 cases of fare evasion and over-ride and 912 cases of illegally using the senior transport card on all metro lines. Since the end of last year, at least 150 people have been included into the credit system for such behaviors as illegally using the senior transport card.

Exiting in One Pole but Denying Knowing Each Other

“I don’t know her and don’t know why she comes out with me.” At 7:30 am, inspector at the gate of No. 4 Exit of Yishan Rd. Station of Metro Line 9 stopped an “uncle-like” male passenger and a hoary-haired “aunt-like” female passenger.

The inspector said that the “uncle” and “aunt” used the same ticket to get out of the gate. The “aunt” first falsely swiped the card and the gate did not work. Then, the “uncle” following her swiped again and they both came out.

However, at the enquiry of the inspector, the “uncle” firmly denied knowing the “aunt” while the “aunt” hurriedly hid the plastic sleeve in hand and got out her transport card from her bag, which has all been noticed by the sharp-eyed inspector.

“According to the regulation, you should re-pay the ticket at the highest single fare of RMB15 and be charged the five times of the ticket fare additionally.” It meant that the “aunt” should pay altogether RMB90 for getting out in one pole with her company. The “aunt” then handed out her transport card with the residual of RMB41, which is enough even if she has taken the longest route with the fare of RMB15.

“The stricter inspection has greatly reduced the cases of brazen fare evasion behaviors like drilling through or jumping over the gate”. Instead, according to the inspector, some choose to exist in one pole with another just as the “uncle” and “aunt” caught today. “Most that has been found to exist in one pole will deny knowing each other and immediately become strangers”.

Finding average 60 fare evasion cases everyday and to set up an enforcement team of thousand staff in the next half year

Statistics show that, from January to April of this year, Shanghai Metro has spotted 7,260 fare evasions and over-ride cases (including exiting in one pole) from all lines, and dissuade relevant 6,821 behaviors.

“Though fare evasion still exists, the number of such cases have reduced nearly a half compared with the same period of last year.” Relevant person in charge from Shanghai Metro said that despite the reduced number of fare evasion and over-ride, there are still many cases involving the illegal use of senior transport card. “From January to April of this year, we’ve found altogether 912 such cases and another 71 cases of illegally using authorized free-ride certificate.”

It is learnt that since the latter half of last year, Shanghai Metro has taken the lead in connecting with the Shanghai credit system and included the information of fare evasion persons who illegally use the senior transport card or the fake certificates into the credit system, and the preliminary effect has been seen. “From the beginning of the connection till the end of last year, over 100 persons have been included in the credit system; and since the beginning of this year, about 40 or 50 persons’ credit has been affected due to such fare evasion behaviors.”

In the future, Shanghai Metro will conduct closer connection between the fare evasion inspection and the credit system and submit the inspected cases to the credit system regularly.

Besides, in the latter half of this year, an enforcement team of about 2,000 persons will take up their positions at different metro lines to particularly crack down on various behaviors violating the rail traffic regulations like fare evasion. “These personnel, in special uniforms, will have enforcement qualifications upon trainings”


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