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Passengers holding public transport card can transfer at Shanghai Railway Station (Line 1, Line 3), South Shaanxi Road (Line 1, Line 10), and Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 (Line 2, Line 10) with one card and enjoy continuous fare charging within 30 minutes after getting out of the station; for those holding one-way ticket, please buy another ticket to transfer.
People's Square Station of Lines 1 and 8 will be reconstructed from January 17 to February 10. During the reconstruction period, trains of Lines 1 and 8 will directly pass through the station with no passengers getting on and off, and no transfer is allowed between Line 1 and Line 8 at the station. People’s Square Station of Line 2 will be still in normal operation during the reconstruction period, but no transfer is allowed between Line 2 and Lines 1 & 8. Those attempting to transfer at People’s Square Station may select other routes instead.
This search result, only for reference, is subject to the actual fare.

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