Get on the Train:

1) Please pay attention to the gap between the metro train and the platform when you get on the train. Do not step into the gap and tumble on the floor.
2) Please keep on walking after getting on the train. Do not stand at the gate.

3) Please give priority to the elderly, the infirm, sick, disabled people, pregnant women and passengers holding babies to get on the train first, and offer seats to them;

4) Keep the station and train clean;
5) Do not tread on the seats in stations or trains. Do not throw garbage into rail traffic areas;

6) The caution lights above the train gates will light up before the train leaves the station. The buzzer will also sound regularly (for 6-7 times in general) to remind passengers that the doors will be closed. Passengers are not allowed to get on the train at this moment. Please stand behind the safety line.
7) The trains will arrive at the stations with different intervals at different times. If the train leaves the station on time, the following trains will also arrive at the station on time, and all metro lines will be under normal operation. If the train gets crowded at rush hour and passengers can not get on the train, do not hold the train doors with your hands. You should cooperate with our staffs and let the train leave the station on time.

Do not panic if your companions, such as family members and friends didn’t get on the same train with you. You could ask our staffs for help or wait for your companions at the next station.

Timetable Tour in Shanghai