Wait for the Train:


Tips: If you drop out your personal belongings into the tunnel, do not jump off the station and pick your belongings up in the tunnel. Please contact our staffs for help.

The following behaviors are prohibited in metro stations and trains:
1. Intercept metro trains;
2. Enter prohibited areas, such as the rail and tunnel, without authorization;
3. Climb or stride over walls, fences, handrails and ticket gates;
4. Get on or get off the train forcibly;
5. Smoke in the train, spit on the floor, urinate on the floor, spit the gum on the floor, or litter the ground;
6. Scrawling, graffiti writing or bill-posting;
7. Set stalls, park vehicles, pile up things, give performance, distribute flyers or organize sales activities;
8. Begging, lying down on the floor, picking up trash in the station;
9. Bring live-birds and pets, such as cats and dogs (excluding guide dogs) into the station;
10. Bring bicycles (including folding bicycles) into the station;
11. Bring inflammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive, corrosive objects and other dangerous goods that will endanger the safety of individuals and property into the station;
12. Bring objects with undesirable odor or fragile and sharp objects without proper package into the station;
13. Wear skateboard or roller skate in the station;
14. Activate emergency stop device or safety device under non-emergency circumstances.


On some stations of Shanghai Metro (e.g. Xinzhuang Station, Shanghai South Rail Station), you will see “designated passages” for passengers with special needs. Please give these “designated passages” for passengers with special needs to wait for the train. Thank you for your cooperation.

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