Take the Elevator

- Escalator

1) Please make out the operation direction of the escalator;
2) Do not stand in the walking area of the escalator for a long time;
3) Please face forward while standing on the escalator. Hold the handrail tightly. Do not read newspaper, read text messages on mobile phone or look around when you stand on the escalator;
4) Do not walk on the escalator to the opposite direction. Do not climb onto the escalator. Do not play around, run on or lean on the escalator. Please take the escalator in good order;
5) Do not lean on the side board and handrail of the escalator;
6) If you wear soft-soled sandal, long skirt or take luggage with you, keep your sandal’s upper part, the fringe of your skirt or your personal belongings far away from the steps or the fringe of the escalator. Otherwise, these things would probably be nipped in the fringe of the escalator;
7) Please pay attention to the pedal when you leave the escalator;
8) You are not allowed to take the escalator if you are on a wheelchair, or bring a baby carriage, a trolley, luggage or bulky goods with you;
9) The elderly people, children and people unable to move freely should be accompanied by their family members or friends while taking the escalator;
10) Do not take an escalator which is under maintenance.


- Barrier-free elevator

1) This elevator is to serve passengers who are unable to move freely or don’t feel well.
2) If you need any help, please press the “speaking” button to contact our staffs.
3) Please take care of public property and take the elevator in a civilized manner.


- Hang-on elevator

1) In some stations without vertical elevators, we have elevators to serve passengers on wheelchairs.
2) These elevators will be operated by our staffs. If you need any help, please contact our staffs.

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