Ticket Checking at the Ticket Gates (Enter the Station):

- Triple-pole ticket gate, or tripod turnstile gate

1) There are two marker lamps in front of the ticket gate. If the “green arrow” lamp lights up, it means that the equipment is under normal operation, and you will see “Please insert the ticket” on the screen of the panel. If the “red” lamp lights up, it means that the equipment is not working, and you will see “Temporarily out of service” on the screen.

2) If you bring luggage with you, the weight of the luggage should be less than 23 kilograms; its volume should be less than 0.2 cubic meters; its length should be less than 1.7 meters. Oversized luggage would affect other passengers in the train.

3) Please keep your ticket clean and undamaged. Do not fold it. If the ticket is damaged, you should bear the loss by yourself.

4) If you have any problem on the ticket or the ticket checker breaks down, do not knock on the machine. Please contact our staffs for help.

Hold the public transportation card or ticket in your right hand, and place it above the circular “card reader” on the surface of the ticket gate for a moment;

The ticket-checking has been finished when you see the remaining balance of the card or the ticket on the screen;

Push the triple-pole in front of you and enter the station.


- Gate-type ticket checker with broad passage

If you bring a large luggage or a baby carriage with you, please check your ticket via a gate-type ticket checker with broad passage;

Please stand behind the yellow line when you swipe your ticket or public transportation card on the ticket checker. Move forward after the gate is opened;

Do not stay for a long time in the ticket gate passage or walk to and fro in the passage;



- Ticket gate for passengers with mobile wallet or Public Transportation Card of the Elderly


- Barrier-free passage

Passengers with “Credentials for Disabled Soldiers of PRC”, “Credentials for Retired Veteran Cadres of PRC”, “Credentials for Retired Veteran Cadres of People’s Liberation Army”, “Credentials for the Blind People to Take Buses, Ships and Metro Free-of-Charge”, “Preferential Credentials for Family Members of Revolutionary Martyrs” or “Credentials for Disabled Police Officers of PRC” could take the metro free-of-charge. The elderly people aged above 70 could take the metro free-of-charge in non-peak hours on working days (7:00-9:00 a.m. and 5:00~7:00 p.m. are peak hours). When passengers take the metro, they should produce valid credentials. No one is allowed to take the metro with other people’s credentials or false credentials.

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