Security Check:

Please accept security check before you enter the metro station. Please give your belongings to security staffs, security check equipment and police dogs for examination.

If a passenger refuses to accept security check, our security staffs have the right to refuse him or her to get on the metro trains.

You are not allowed to bring the following objects into the metro station:

(1) Explosive
Explosives, fireworks, firecrackers, guns (including imitation guns), ammunitions and detonators;

(2) Compressed gas and liquefied gas
Carbon monoxide, petroleum gas, Freon, hydrogen, oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas and compressed gas;

(3) Inflammable liquid
Gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol (ethanol), acetone, propane, paint, benzene, methanol, solvent oil, turpentine, banana oil, kerosene and printing ink;

(4) Inflammable solid, spontaneously combustible objects and inflammable objects under wet conditions
Phosphorus, sodium, sulfuric acid, potassium, aluminum powder and zinc powder

(5) Oxidizing agent and organic peroxide
Sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate and potassium chlorate

(6) Toxic objects and infectious materials
Cyanide, arsenate, organophosphorus pesticide and mercury compounds

(7) Radioactive objects
Noctilucent powder, monazite and zircon

(8) Corrosive objects
Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid

(9) Other dangerous objects
Other objects that would endanger the safety of passengers and facilities in metro stations, such as balloon, hoe, carrying pole, iron saw, iron rod and controlled knife;

The following household items are dangerous, and passengers are allowed to bring these items with limited quantity in metro stations:

(1) Each passenger could bring no more than 2 of the following objects: aeration tanks for lighters, nail polish, hair spray and perfume;

(2) Each passenger could bring 1,000ml (1kg) (or below) of white spirits with high alcohol contents. The package of white spirits should be intact.

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