The Introduction of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute

We are STEDI !(Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute)

In 1970, the first Chinese subaqueous road tunnel was produced by the hands of our engineers.

Henceforth, 17 road tunnels in Shanghai has been completed successively and the Huangpu river is no longer a barrier.

In 1994, the first Shanghai rail transit line was realized by the pens of our engineers.

Nowadays, a rail transit network of 600km in Shanghai has become the transportation arteries of the Super City.

In the 50-year design of roads, bridges and tunnels under rivers, lakes and seas, our designers carved each production with their time and wisdom, and over 300 large projects witnessed the take-off of the Country.

The great achievements of designs and studies of networked rail transit, driverless rail transit, multi-system rail transit, extra-large shield tunnel, long-distance immersed tube tunnel, non-circular shield tunnel, double-deck tunnel and U-type beam, etc. Stand at the world occupy domestic leading level , form the unique core competitive forces of STEDI.

STEDI, a creative and imaginative team covering municipal engineering, highway engineering and building engineering, cast her team and her brand by profession and by strength.

In a rising country, as a consultant with global-view, abiding by the ideas of “Better City, Better Life”, we, STEDI, will base upon our integrity, pursue our excellence, communicate with the World and design the Future.

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